Designing this lamp we were inspired by onyx - exceptional variant of quartz which bears black and white layers alternatively. It's tough, has sharp edges and is partly translucent. This rare mineral was valued since ancient times. It was used in production of jewelry, emperors' seals, and - thanks to its layered structure - cameos, two-color bas-reliefs. 

Form of the lamp represents basic physical properties of onyx. In spatially alternating folds of the sides, sharpness of the edges of the mineral is inscribed. Alternately repeating structure of the folds, gives the lamp a crystalline form. The construction of the shade bears empty spaces - which, when the lamp is on - fills with white luminosity that strongly contrasts with deep black colour of the sides. Now layers are clearly visible. The more that aluminum after anodizing gets deep satin black. Sides of the lamp are joint with the frame with screws, which gives it modern, industrial character.


diameter: 26 cm

height: 21 cm

weight: 1,2  kg

pendant version: braided black cord, length 100 cm

floor version: black base, height 134 cm



anodized aluminum